looking to the PastMature

We enjoyed a marvelous supper Montana selecting the trout, Mel the chicken, along with Kathy, Jake and I the buffalo steak. Montana didn't feel like playing cards so we headed for home, where Kathy set about bringing up western wear sites on the internet, something Melonie found simply fascinating. Jake was not only showing her medical sites, but how to operate a computer as well. It was close to midnight when they finished and managed to find outfits they felt comfortable I showed Montana clothes a woman supposedly in her profession today would wear. Both she and Melonie were horrified when they saw them, gasping at the amount of bare skin was revealed, naturally Kathy couldn't understand what the uproar was about.

"It's a long way from a bared calf isn't it," I observed.

The next day while Jake and Melonie were working, and Kathy was checking gun values. At my request, Montana and I took a drive around town as I pointed out various points of interest. She had asked me earlier, who kept the peace around here, so I pointed out the police station as we drove down Sherman street. There were a couple of officers standing by a patrol car as we went by.

"Stay away from those guys," I said, "Right now, you don't have any identification whatsoever, everyone nowadays has some form of ID, drivers license, voter ID, something. You'd just give them holy fits. I pulled out my wallet and showed her my drivers license, an expired military ID, cards with my picture on them, then I was required to go into a lengthy discussion on the need for identification. For the most part she was impressed by the way Deadwood had changed, no more muddy streets piled with horse shit, or garbage. Skies clear of wood smoke, but most of all beautiful green forests on either side of town, not barren hacked down trees, or cabins perched on the hillsides.  

The End

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