I Want to Be in PicturesMature

Our clothing must have caught the eye of the owner because no sooner had the hostess seated us than she was back with the manager who explained that they were in the process of printing a new brochure advertising the saloon, and that Montana and Melonie would look terrific in the pictures I agreed, the women agreed but while they were rounding up the cameraman and his equipment, Montana asked,

"We aren't going to have to sit through painfully long poses our heads in braces are we?" I laughed,

"What? Did you think, seeing all these wondrous marvels that photography would stand still? Just wait and see." For most of the pictures, it was just Montana and Melonie, sitting at the table enjoying a meal, or toasting each other. A few of the pictures included Jake and I. When our ladies realized that no stiff poses or head braces were required their faces lit up. The photo shoot took about an hour, so at the end we were ravenous, the food we posed with were whatever the cook put on the plate.

"We want to thank you folks very much," replied the owner, "Order anything you want on the menu, food and drinks are all on the house." This proved to be a terrific deal. the hostess also told us about the other features of the saloon including poker on the second floor.

"You deal cards Montana," I said, "Why don't you see how you do at poker here in 2014?" 

"Right now I'm hungry, let's eat, I'll worry about cards later," replied Montana.

"It certainly looks like you two are going to need more modern clothing to wear," observed Kathy, "After we get home how about we go through some western wear websites, and pick out some clothes?"

The End

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