Times Gone ByMature

For the next few days while Jake and Melonie worked on his laptop Kathy and I covered all the gun auction sites as well as eBay. Finally I thought it was time to treat the women to a night out.

"I thought we'd go down town to Saloon Number Ten for dinner." Montana frowned and gave me a dirty look.

"Why do you want to go to that dirty old place?" she asked.

I chuckled, Nuttall and Mann haven't owned the place in years, Deadwood's changed, I think you'll be quite surprised." This would be the first time the girls had been down to town as well as riding in my truck.

"Ready for your first "horseless carriage ride ladies?"

They were rather apprehensive, but we talked them into the truck, it's interior impressing them with it's plushness. The ride downtown brought a lot of confusion as Montana  recognized nothing at all.

"Deadwood has suffered several disastrous fires over the years wiping out major portions of town," I explained. Parking down the street we walked down to the Restaurant I pointed out to them where the original saloon stood. Montana stopped a minute to get her bearings as I pointed out where places were located.  

"I can just about picture places in my mind she said, yeah, this would be where they were originally were." Bike week had been over for a week now but there were still a lot of motorcycles still around when the women asked what they were.

"Steel horses," I replied, "And all those people you see walking around dressed in black leather ride them." As we continued up the street men dressed as characters from the old west performed a mock gunfight in the street. Montana and Melonie thought it was the real thing, but when I explained that it wasn't they became horrified that anyone would glorify something like that. Our discussion of this matter continued even as we entered the saloon.


The End

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