As a peace offering, Kathy offered to bake a mostacholi one of the few dishes she could do really well. I ran back into town to get some wine and French bread so later on we sat down to a "family" meal. After supper Jake and Melonie sat down at the laptop as he wanted to show her some medical information. Montana Kathy and I sat and talked about selling things setting up accounts, and getting social security cards. That night in bed, I asked Montana,


"She's just like I was Mark, aside from the modern trappings I could see right through it, that's why I scolded you.  Give her a chance, I'm not sure what it is you want her do, but give the poor girl a chance."

"Well we'll see," I replied, "So you like her eh?"

"What's with all the tattoo's and those diamonds on her nose and lower lip?"

"Well a lot of women think it's fashionable to wear a lot of tattoo's and what is referred to as "body art." 

"Let me ask you something Montana, I'm pretty sure I know what you'll say, but explain to me what it is that casts you with the "Demimonde."

"The fact that I've slept with other men, working in a saloon, my language, drinking, general behavior."

"That's what I thought, "Nowadays prostitution is still frowned upon although it's legal in some places, but you'd be surprised  at how many women and girls could easily fall into the other categories. Society has changed Montana, the divorce rate in this country is sky high. Were you to loose your husband today, you wouldn't have to end up in the position you've found yourself in. Jobs, schooling, any number of options are available to women these days."

She said nothing more, but I could tell she was deep in thought.

The End

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