The OfferMature

Before I gave in on this I asked Melonie to step outside

"Mel before I approve of my sister joining us I want your opinion of her. Unfortunately all too many girls these days are like Kathy. Society has gone to hell. You and Montana have only seen a fraction of life here in 2014. Civility has pretty much gone by the wayside. Kathy is my sister, she's family, but if she makes you feel uncomfortable in any way let me know now. I think a lot of you because you represent a time and a way of life that is gone forever."

Without hesitation, Melonie replied,

"I didn't know how to take her at first, I actually thought she was as women like Montana are called, "soiled doves." Montana and I have spoken at length, she's told me things...Things that shall remain private between us. I'm beginning to finally understand life out here in the west. I had no idea, but I'm coming to terms with it. I think I can remain true to myself yet become friends with not only Montana but your sister as well. I think I might be able to understand this modern life in just talking to your sister. Montana likes her as well, so rest at ease, things have a way of working out, just give her a chance."

"If that's the way you feel then," I replied, "Kathy stays...For now! Oh by the way, Jake's really crazy about you, he really wants to teach you all he knows."

Melonie smiled,

"Thank you Mark, I'm crazy about him as well he's so sweet. Montana and I both agree that there's something about you men from the future we truly like." 

"Thanks a lot for your candor Mel," I replied, "Guess we'd better go back in."

The End

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