A New PartnerMature

When I returned from the store I really hoped that all the "dirty work" had been done. Montana and Melonie really needed to see my sister as she really was. In other words, They had to ask the questions, Jake could "translate," but I had been outmaneuvered and I didn't like it.

Everybody was sitting around and laughing, however I would be paying close attention to Melonie, as I was afraid she would be "scandalized" by my sister's ways, but she was laughing as well. I was still pissed, so I didn't say anything as I began to put the groceries away.

My sister came up to me and apologized,

"I-I didn't realize you were involved in something, they explained everything to me I'm sorry for barging in on you like this Mark, but I'm at the end of my rope...Tell me, Is there anything I can do to help, I'd like to be part of this, I want to show you I can change, Mark, I really do want to prove myself, and besides, I kinda like Montana."

"So what can you do that might help us out?" I asked. She thought a moment then said.

"Jake said that you guys were hauling stuff back that you were going to sell at auctions.  I used to go with a guy that sold a lot of stuff on eBay, I got pretty good at it."

"I seem to recall that you were taking computer classes at the community college," I asked.

"Yeah I dropped out but I know my way around one, plus picking up a lot of stuff later on. I could watch the auctions sell your stuff online and watch over this place." I thought for a moment then said,

"There's a lot of responsibility involved in this Kathy. Under NO circumstances can people know about this. That means no friends, ex-friends boyfriends or men period can come here, I damn dead serious about this Kathy, it's a big responsibility I'm trusting you with." She lowered her head, and quietly replied,

"I won't let you down Mark."               

The End

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