Bad GirlsMature

"I don't care what your current situation is Kathy you're going to abide by some damn strict rules around here, I don't care what the others around here say, if you don't agree to them you're out, there's a homeless shelter in Rapid City, you'll have to go there. Is this understood?" She saw the determination in my eyes but tried to get me to break.

"You'd make me go to a homeless shelter," she gasped.

"I would. You made your bed, get used to sleeping in it!" Without her knowing it Kathy had just made a friend, Montana launched into me.

"I can't believe this," she cried, "You sound just like my mother, you would simply turn your own sister out, of all the gall!" I had lost the battle, Kathy suddenly realized she now had an ally.

"Look you two," I shot back, "I'm not kicking her out on the street, I just need YOU, Kathy to agree to some rules, that's all I'm asking."

"What are they?" She asked.

"That's better," I replied. "First, there will be NO smoking weed around here, don't deny it, I smell it on you. Second, If you have to smoke regular cigarettes, go outside. No drugs, and keep your drinking to a moderate level. Oh and most of all, no boyfriends ex-boyfriends or husbands anywhere near here. You break that rule I'll kill them and kick you clear back to Michigan, IS THAT ABSOLUTLY UNDERSTOOD?"  I had her cowed, so all I got was,

"Yes, I agree, your my last hope, you're all I've got left, I promise to clean up my act."

"I'm not kidding Kathy," I sternly added, "I will not bend on this." Realizing that she had a place to sleep and shower, my sister's attention quickly turned to the others in the room.

The End

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