A Modern GirlMature

I called my sister back and gave her my address and how to get here. so while we waited for her to arrive, I gave everyone the rundown on my younger sister.

"Her name is Kathy, she's two years younger than me, Jake if you've ever seen "American Pickers, she's all tatted up like Danielle. Montana, Melonie after you meet her please understand the majority of American society accepts women like her. Montana, remember me telling you that nowadays your profession and behavior wouldn't even raise an eyebrow. Melonie, I will apologize  for her ahead of time, don't judge modern women by her, Kathy is the exception. Now let's get the rest of the stuff we brought put in that utility room."

About an hour later my sister arrived driving a beat up Chevy. When I opened the door my sister was crying, I don't know if it was a clever ploy or not but it immediately caught the ladies attention as she entered, carrying a beat-up bag.

"Please Mark I have no place else to go, mom..."

"Yes I'm aware of that situation," I replied, "What about that asshole you were living with, what's his name...Greg." By now, her sobbing had really hooked Montana and Melonie, trying to offer comfort to someone they barely knew.

"That bastard had a wife, he never told me about, he took all my shit this bag is all I've got left, Oh please, Mark I've got nowhere else to go." I caught Montana glaring at me, her expression telling me that Kathy stays. I looked at Jake who just shrugged.

"All right, but right now things are kind of crowded, guess you'll be sleeping on the couch."

She reached up and hugged me, I thought I detected the smell of weed, so I thought I'd better lay down the law right now.

The End

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