Black SheepMature

Jake and I weren't sure how sheriff Bullock or the Doc were taking this, I think something might have seeped into that nineteenth century mind, but how much I wasn't sure. We couldn't worry about that now, another trip back home was in order. Montana and Melonie decided that since things had gone so smoothly last time they'd chance it again, but I suspected there might be other reasons. After making sure the cabin was secure, the four of us along with a pile of saddles and assorted weapons headed "home."

Again, the trip went smoothly, before anyone left the chamber, I carefully made sure everything was reset properly with something like this, you simply did not take chances. Everything seemed to be the way we left it, however there was a message on the phone I really didn't need at this time...It was my sister. After a round of swearing Jake asked me what the problem was.

"It's that damn sister of mine," I growled,  "She's waiting over at some motel wanting to come here." 

"Oh you have a sister?" inquired Montana, "I'd like to meet her."

"Oh so would I," added Melonie.

"I guarantee you would not!" I snapped back. "She and my mother have been on the "outs" for almost six years, they are NOT, on speaking terms, I will at least talk to her, but I don't want her anywhere near this thing, I'm really serious about this."

"Why don't you let us be the judge," replied Montana, "You tell her to come right over."

Montana had on her "Don't deny me," look so I was stuck.

"All right, but you people have been warned, Montana, Mel, just be advised that modern society accepts women like my sister Kathy."

The End

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