Smacked Up Side the Head With RealityMature

Montana and Melonie than spoke up,

"Every word they say is true sheriff, Melonie and I have both been to the future, everything we see here think or do is gone, both of us were literally smacked up side of the head by reality, nobody rides horses anymore they ride around in fancy enclosed horseless carriages they call automobiles. No more dangerous oil lights, they use electric lights somehow they have harnessed lightning it's a world truly beyond belief."

Bullock and the doctor just sat there looking at us not knowing what to do or say.

"Believe me sheriff, we are no threat, we may come from a different time but we're still Americans, In case you're wondering, I can't indiscriminately go around killing people. However if they threaten my life, I take action, I can't kill Swearingen because he's in the history books as well, so I'll take your advice and stay out of Deadwood. Oh, one more little thing to mull over. Ever hear of Wyatt Earp?"

"Yes, I believe he's currently serving as the Marshall in Dodge City."

"Well, He's going to be showing up here within the next year or so asking if you need any help, make him move on, but please let me know when he does show up, I want to talk to him."

"What for?"

"His destiny is down in Arizona territory in a town called Tombstone, but don't tell him that, just tell him you've got things covered here and you don't need any help."

All the poor man could do was sit and shake his head. As he and the doctor prepared to leave, I added,

"We are friends sheriff, not a threat, if you want us to stay out of Deadwood, we will, however if something happens that you are unable to handle, feel free to call on us."


The End

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