I don't Know what to Do, What to ThinkMature

"I'm from Virginia sheriff," announced Jake, "If you fought for the Yankees you no doubt fought one of my ancestors." It was clear both Bullock and the Doc were in mind overload,

"I told you sheriff," I said, "I warned you."

"B-B-But how?" he stammered. Pointing to the security door I replied,

"Through that door is a time machine, I haven't the foggiest idea of how it works I just know that it does. My mother worked for a Physics professor who invented it. Fortunately, it's not generally known so you don't have to worry about Joe shit coming back here and screwing things up. Oh I almost forgot, and this might interest you Doc. I spent eight years in the Marines, and it's not the marines that might come to your mind, Jake here was a navy corpsman or medic, I daresay he's got a hundred thirty some years of medical knowledge on you Doc. His father is a noted heart surgeon in Virginia if your smart, talk to this guy you might start saving some lives."

"What are you two doing here?" asked the sheriff. I shrugged,

"What's anyone doing here, trying to make money. Right now in 2014 gold is running at well over a thousand dollars an ounce, silver at a little over fifty. But that's not the only reason. I want to see the American west before it's all gone. 1890 is considered the closing of the American west, the Indians will all be relegated to miserable reservations, and places like Deadwood here will be just like Kalamazoo Michigan where I'm from. I also want to meet famous people, and that includes you sheriff, I've read all about you, Calamity Jane, Charlie Utter, Hickok, Dora DuFran. Jake and I are recently returned from a war every way as bitter as the current Indian campaign only it's over in Afghanistan. Don't worry if you have no idea where it is, neither does the majority of Americans in my time  

The End

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