Sheriff Seth BullockMature

The next morning as we were finishing up breakfast, a knock came at the door. Jake opened it to see Sheriff Bullock, and Doc Cochran standing there.

"Well sheriff, oh, and hey Doc, c'mon in make yourselves at home someone pour our guests some coffee," said Jake As they sat down the sheriff looked at me and asked,

"Word's out you were seen in town yesterday, is that true?"

"It is," I replied, "We bought some land down at Cheyenne Crossing, I had to get to the land office."

"Whatcha going to do down there," asked the sheriff.

"Put up a saloon and a medical clinic, maybe a small mercantile." Bullock nodded,

"Well try and stay out of Deadwood, you'll just get yourself shot, which by the way, I'm hearing stories of a massacre down near the Twin Sisters, Know anything about that?" I sighed,

"Look sheriff, I want to stay on your good side, so I'll never lie to you. Yes, we were involved in that. Michael O'Rourke contracted with Jake and I to guard a shipment his friend Arthur Dobbins was shipping from his gold camp near Humbolt Mountain up to his office in Lead. We spent the night below the Twin Sisters, Dobbins and eleven of his cohorts tried to ambush us, they paid the price." Bullock sat for a moment digesting what I had told him.

"I've also been told those men were literally ripped apart, it looked like Gettysburg."

"Oh I won't deny it sheriff, it was us."

"Just you two fellows, no one else?"

"Just us sheriff."

"I'm also told this all happened at night."

"It did. You know sheriff, chances are the person telling you all this was probably one of the men trying to take that gold, and if that's the case, I'd be arresting him. We think there were three men who escaped." The sheriff sat frowning.

"But how? You say there were only the two of you, from the destruction wrought you would have had to have practically a whole company."


The End

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