Land BaronsMature

Montana told me the land office was on the other side of town, and that I might be able to sneak around town while she and Melonie rode through town in a carriage. There was a livery stable just down the hill where we kept our horses so that wouldn't be a problem.  Jake and I ended up riding way around town on a circuitous route that took well over two hours just to complete. I told the ladies to give us at least an hour head start but I started thinking that maybe it would have been better just riding through town, but I wanted to stay on Bullock's good side, so we took the long way. We tied our horses just inside the woods and snuck around the corner of the land office. It looked like the women were already here, so we slunk in.

The land we wanted was so cheap because there weren't any streams nearby, hence no possibility of gold. We purchased fifteen acres of land ten of it facing the road. Then the fun started when we discovered that women couldn't own land, I had been so used to the way things were in 2014, it had never occurred to me that this sort of sexism applied to this sort of thing. Grudgingly, I put everything in my name, but promised the women I would rectify things. We got out of there $100.00 poorer, but considering land prices in 2014 It was a bargain. It was early afternoon when we returned to the cabin. Melonie had been reading a book she had taken from the shelf at the 2014 cabin and was astounded by what she was reading.

"This is all so incredible," she said, "Their trying to portray this man a hero, he's anything but." We sat at the kitchen table drinking coffee as I explained.

"I've read a number of books about him Me,. If he were in the modern army, he would have been cashiered right out, for all the stunts he pulled, especially at the battle of the Washita. Splitting his command and leaving those men might have even got him put in Leavenworth. I felt bad for Libby, she spent all her life defending her husband's actions but everyone knew the truth." Jake and I spent the rest of the day sorting weapons and cleaning them, deciding which ones to sell here and which ones to take home. One pistol I wanted for my collection was a French LeMat with the 20gage shotgun barrel mounted in the center.   

The End

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