We're in the MoneyMature

That night Montana and I made love for the first time, since the walls were thin, we tried to be quiet but that wasn't always possible, a lot of giggling was coming from the next room so Jake and Melonie were obviously enjoying themselves. During "break time,"I whispered to Montana,

"It looks like a trip back to our time is in the offing."

"Why, do you have to go back so soon?"

"In case you haven't noticed, we've got quite a collection of weapons and other gear piling up, some of it I'm going to sell locally to make money for you and Mel, the rest I need to auction so Jake and I have money. You two coming with us?"

"I don't know...Perhaps, I do like that commode and shower though."

"Well for right now, we've got to sneak into Deadwood tomorrow to get to the land office so we can buy that land we looked at."

"Do Melonie and I have to go?"

"Oh absolutely," I replied, "I want to put that land in you and Mel's name, whatever happens, that land will be in your names."

"Well that's mighty nice of you, she whispered,"

"It's the right thing to do," I replied, "But let's talk about this later, shall we?" Montana giggled, pulling me close to her. 

The End

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