The Horror, The HorrorMature

I carefully scanned the whole area before we went about collecting the spoils of war. Both of us had seen  war close up and personal, but what was spread out over that hill was simply horrific. We had been right, whoever had been leading this bunch had split their forces equally, four on each flank, four right up the middle. As we were collecting the men's personal effects and money, Jake shouted,

"Mark...Over here!" When I got there, the body on the ground was none other than Dobbins. He had been shot in the chest and appeared to have been killed instantly. We also found two other men we had seen back at the mining camp. Greed...What is there left to say? We wrapped the guns up in horse blankets and loaded them on the pack mule. fifty dollars in dust, and nuggets, as well as coin. We managed to catch two horses loading Dobbins onto one of them. It was late afternoon when we reached the cabin. Montana and Melonie gasped at the sight of Dobbins face down on a horse. unloading our gear as well as the collected weaponry, we continued onto Lead. The sight of a body slung over a horse brought the expected crowd gasping and gaping. When Mr. O'Rourke lifted Dobbin's head, he swore. After unloading the gold, we went into the freight office to talk. After hearing our story, O'Rourke sat for a moment in thought.

"God damnit all to hell! Muttered O'Rourke as he shook his head.

"I've known Michael most of my life, we came out here together, what would possess a man to turn on a friend like that?" Taking a deep sigh, he looked up at us.

"I don't know how you boys did it, but you got through...Damn...You got through!"

The End

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