Pitched Battle Part IIIMature

This time Jake opened up with his AK, and I with my shotgun. These weapons didn't have night sights on them but the light from the AK's tracers and the flashes from my shotgun lit up the scene before us. It was hard to tell but I was pretty sure there was four men coming up the middle, only one made it down the hill. Just for the hell of it I started shouting,

"Marye's height's! Marye's heights! Marye's height's! which was where union general William Franklin's forces were soundly defeated by confederate general James Longstreet in a costly attack in the battle of Fredericksburg during the Civil War. The only problem we had was that our night vision was wrecked by the flashing light. Just to buy us some time to recover our night vision I tossed one of Jakes grenades down the hill in the general vicinity of the center. Two horses started screaming as well as a man. We also had to listen to someone crying for their mother down the slope, obviously not killed by our fusillade. Once we recovered our night vision, both of us started scanning our flanks in fear that they were trying to make a second attack. Two shots from the base of the slope and the horses were quiet. Jake and I then heard shouting and arguing, listening carefully it sounded like there were only three men left, but I couldn't be sure. After much debating it sounded like the cost of taking this gold had proven too high, and the sound of three horses riding off indicated our attackers had left. Of course we knew this could be a ruse, so it was back to two on, two off, for the rest of the night. Sometime during the night the man calling for his mother must have died as we heard no more. We waited until around nine, then cautiously broke camp. 

The End

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