Pitched Battle at Twin SistersMature

The damn strongbox was heavier than hell, it took three men to situate it on the pack mule and strap it down. Both Jake and I agreed that it wouldn't be a good idea to stick around here overnight, too many hungry eyes. As a result we made the Twin Sister peaks just about dusk. A quick recon revealed an outcrop about a quarter way up the slope. It was a defensible position plus we even had a place to secure the mule and our horses safely. Hobbling the animals so there was no chance they could escape we set about manning our position. Among the "toys" I brought from the future was a comm set so Jake and I could talk to each other. I mounted my night scope on my M1A , as Jake already had one mounted on his AR. We brought our whole friggin armory, Jake had his AR, and  full auto AK, I had my M1A Springfield as well as my M4 shotgun. Jake had even brought two of his four hand grenades. All our extra weapons were placed within easy reach, once we felt we were as ready as we would ever be, we ate a quick meal, then settled down to wait.

We took turns at guard duty, two hours on, two off, Jake was just going on duty around two in the morning so we were both awake when a suspicious noise down in front  brought out the night vision device. Sure enough, we quickly spotted a group of men at the bottom of the slope.

"They are probably dividing up their forces to try and flank us," I whispered, "Let's see what they do." There appeared to be a fair number of men, I figured around twelve, bad odds, but we had a few equalizers.

"Here they come Jake,I whispered into my comm, go for their flanks first."

The End

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