In watching this Dobbins character I couldn't believe O'Rourke put any trust into him, but obviously he did, and this was who we had to deal with.

"Well when will it get here?" I asked.

"Don't rightly know mister, everyone brings their gold up here to me, we do a quick weigh, mark their name down, with the amount load it into that strongbox over there and I ship it over to Mike.

"How 'bout Mark and I go down there and try and move people along," suggested Jake. Dobbins frowned,

"I wouldn't recommend that son," he said, "Them boys down there don't take kindly to strangers wanderin' around their digs might get shot. Look, why don't ya all sit down and have a drink, they all know this be the day we ship out their gold, and the day is young yet, have a seat." It was close to one in the afternoon and I didn't fancy trying to ride out of here with all that gold but we were caught, it was too far to ride home, and I really didn't want to come back here and find out they still didn't have their god ready to go, so we declined the drink, but sat down to wait.

"Do you have a claim here?" asked Jake,

"Yep," replied Dobbins, "Right down there, I ain'tg workin' it taday 'cause this is shipping day." He then got up and stepped outside his cabin, shouting at the top of his lungs,

"EVERYONE LISTEN UP. GIT YER FOCKING GOLD UP HERE RIT NOW, WE GOT GOLD TA SHIP!" sitting back down he took a swig from his bottle wiped his mouth on his sleeve and said,

"Boys, that's 'bout all I can do, we'll just have ta wait."

The End

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