The wagon maker had never heard of anything like this, but he promised to build it. One hundred and fifty dollars, plus fifty up front. I hated to spend all our money, but it was something we were going to need. It wouldn't really be that much larger, the extra length to accommodate the two extra passengers. He assured us that it would only require one horse to pull, however he suggested we find a nice sturdy one for the job.

We had just enough to buy something nice for our ladies, so a shopping trip into Lead was in order. Montana was partial to a grey and black riding outfit, that gave her the look of authority. A mini top hat completed the ensemble. Melonie chose something a little more utilitarian, explaining to Jake that if she and Jake were going to be working in a clinic the dress might be more fitting. Jake also bought a couple white aprons, as well as some red material which he later made into a couple red crosses' sewing on the front of her aprons.

Before we took O'Rourke up on his job offer, the four of us rode down to Cheyenne Crossing, to scout out property. We found some land just down the road from the stagecoach stop and staked it out, now all we needed was money to pay for it. Five dollars an acre was what the land was going for, so obviously, we had to get to work.

Back in the cabin, I had a home building program on my laptop, so in the evening, we sat down and played around with design ideas. Both Montana and Melonie utterly fascinated by what they were seeing on the screen. The saloon would be two stories, four full rooms and two small rooms just large enough for a narrow bed and a dresser. Montana wanting four rooms for her girls, although starting off with only two for now, plus two small rooms for someone who needed to sleep off a drunk or possible help.   

The End

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