Reputation BuildingMature

Franklin Ames was the freight agent in Sidney, a man not unlike O'Rourke but friendly. Ames immediately sent a telegram back to Mr. O'Rourke that we had arrived with the gold. Then the question arose concerning the safety of our delivery, Naturally the bank was closed and he certainly didn't want us staying at his house, especially after we told him of all the attempts to deprive us of the gold. So after we put our horses up at a nearby livery stable, we agreed to be locked up inside the freight office. After another MRE meal we put together reasonably comfortable beds out of  some grain sacks. Jake and I then talked about going home.

"You know Jake, one of the reasons I'm here is to experience the west as it really was, I want to see those vast herds of buffalo, maybe talk to some Indians, meet some famous people. Montana says she knows Calamity Jane and Charlie Utter, we've already met sheriff Bullock."

"Fine with me," replied Jake. Early the next morning Mr. Ames unlocked the office and let us out. Signing off on the gold, We took some of the rifles and pistols that weren't as nice and sold them to a couple of gunsmiths in town. We could have gotten a whole lot more for them in 2014 but we needed cash so in the end we made about a hundred dollars, but that was a hundred dollars closer to getting our "town" built. Stopping by a saloon to grab a beer I was reminded that Sidney was the hometown of Cabela's the sporting goods giant.

"There's going to be an interstate highway running just a little south of town too," mused Jake, "Hard to believe looking at this crummy collection of buildings." I couldn't argue there.

The End

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