The Edge Part IIMature

They never had a chance, we worked in from either side, seven seconds and it was all over, one of us must have hit a horse as I heard one scream. I also heard someone groaning but we weren't about to go out there in the dark. Around midnight the groaning stopped, but we didn't venture out until it started to get light. In a strange kind of way I felt sorry for these bastards, victims of a technology they couldn't imagine in their wildest dreams. We collected their guns, and as I told Jake,

"All these weapons are really going to make us a lot of money in the gun auctions, we've got four or five real nice pieces here." The men had around thirty-eight dollars in gold and silver coins but no paper, more ammunition as well as a real nice McClellan army saddle, which I checked out for any identification marks. Finding none, I mounted it on my own horse, however this would bring a super price back in 2014but I thought I'd try it out. Our poor old pack mule was getting loaded down, but Jake was a genius at packing everything just right so we didn't loose anything. Our animals were refreshed, so we ate a quick meal of MRE's and pushed on. Staying east of the main trail we spotted the famous Courthouse rock to the west shortly before we hit the Platte. Carefully scoping out the opposite bank I saw nothing unusual or threatening so we found a spot to cross. Being early August, the river was way down so we didn't have any trouble crossing. We were on the home stretch now, but this was the fifth day so we really pushed the horses arriving in Sidney around eight in the evening. O'Rourke's man was just leaving his office when we rode in. "You boys is a little late," he said.

"It's still the fifth day," I replied, "As far as we're concerned, we're on time mister."     

The End

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