The EdgeMature

Finally we got into the sand hills and butte's  but we could see further here. Several times we found high ground where we could watch our back trail looking for dust trails but we spotted none. I knew we weren't out of the fire yet, and studying my map I decided that the best place to ambush us would be at the North Platte river, however right now we needed to rest we'd been pushing the horses and they needed to eat. North of Alliance we found an abandoned cabin that looked like someone started to build and just gave up or was killed. At least the roof was on and there was a wagon with a broken rear wheel parked next to it. We made camp around four in the afternoon so the horses could get the most grazing in. We kept our fire small and inside the empty cabin. One precaution we took was to bury the two boxes of gold, the ground was soft, so we buried them towards the rear of the abandoned wagon placing the tailgate over the smoothed out ground. They say the best time to spot people moving around is just before sundown when the sun's glare is off the land. I thought I just caught a glimpse of dust but it was gone too quickly. When we received a hail from someone  just past sundown I knew that dust cloud had been real.

"In the cabin, can we come in?" Jake immediately grabbed his M4 with it's night vision scope and started checking out whoever was out there.

"Four men Mark sixty yards out!" whispered Jake.

"How many?" I called out.

"Two men!" came the reply

"Liars," said Jake, "Kill 'em.

I had now gotten my night vision scope on my rifle, Jake was already

"Can we come in or not?" came the call.

"How many did you say were in your party?" I shouted back.

"Two mister."

"Open fire," I whispered.

The End

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