Dying For A Good TimeMature

The man pitched off the rock as I opened fire on the others. Not hearing where the gunfire was coming from sent the others into confusion. I had hit two horses as I picked my targets, One man actually pulled another man off his horse to escape, but it was all in vain, I caught him center of mass as he pitched from the horse that ran off in fear. I wasn't able to kill them all, but I was sure there was one left hiding in the rocks. Jake went back to the horses to await my signal. Slowly I worked my way back down the rock and slowly moved closer to the ambush site. I found a spot that put me within a hundred yards of the mouth of the rocky alcove the men had been hiding in and hunkered down to wait. During this time I removed the ACOG sight and replaced it with a night scope. I knew it wouldn't be one hundred per cent accurate, but at this range I wasn't worried.

Sure enough, as soon as the sun went down my man slowly crept out of his hiding spot, the greening light showing him clearly. No one else appeared, so I assumed he was the last one. Once he was out in the open he went down. I waited for ten minutes but no one else showed so I removed the silencer and fired three shots in quick secession. Mark and I went through their gear and clothing, coming up with almost sixty dollars in gold and silver coins as well as paper. I was pleased with my shots, all hitting center of mass or in the head.  Along with the money we found a nice pocket knife which I claimed. Three Winchester and a Henry rifle, a Colt .45  that  looked brand new, holsters, saddles and a nice pair of leather saddlebags containing ammunition along with food. We had quite a haul loading it on the pack mule.

The End

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