Trail of DeathMature

We buried the three men as best we could in the river bed they had roughly twenty dollars between them along with their pistols rifles and saddles. We left the horses as well as their saddles with Brian. One of the horses didn't appear to have a brand so I gave it to Brian along with one of the rifles and a pistol. I told him we'd pick up the other horses on our way back. Jake and I enjoyed a pleasant evening with the  Lonergan's, Brian playing his fiddle for us. He also had a fine tenor voice singing some Irish ballads as well. The Lonergan's had heard nothing about any Indian problems even though the Custer massacre was only a month old and everyone  was feeling a bit edgy.

We rode out of the Lonergan f arm around five in the morning making for the hills up ahead. From now on we were on our guard as anyone could have slipped past us in the night, along with the possibility that a simple telegraph message could have beaten us as well. We stayed west of the main trail passing through the Pine Ridge hills on what was no doubt an Indian trail, taking every precaution we could. I We couldn't see the trail far enough in the distance, I would find a high spot and check out our path with my binoculars. At one point halfway through the hills I spotted a small band of Indians making their way along the trail. Jake and I managed to find a small draw where we could hide. While Jake kept the horses calm, I watched the Indians through my rifle scope. At one point they stopped around fifty yards from our position, any moves that indicated they were on to us I would start pulling the trigger.

The End

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