Hidden DeathMature

O'Rourke was giving us five days to get there, so we would have to push. The horses were healthy and well fed along with the mule so we could push them. There were a couple places along the way he told me we could stay overnight, but I had a few plans of my own.

The first two days went smoothly, as we left the Black Hills, we were roughly following the route of modern US 385, as it passed through grassland prairie and up into the Pine Ridge hills south of Chadron Nebraska. I had a topographic map of the Black Hills, but for the rest of the route I was forced to go by a reasonably detailed roadmap of Nebraska. One of O'Rourke's "safe" houses was farmstead just north of Chadron. It didn't surprise us that the family that lived there was Irish. Brian Connors and his wife Sarah, along with their two boys. We had been making pretty good time, but that was about to end, as we entered the Pine Ridge. Brian and Sarah welcomed us, but There was something I had to do first. Leaving the packhorse with them, Jake and I rode back on the trail for two miles until we came to a dry river bed, the perfect place to spot anyone tracking us. It was deep enough to get completely out of sight including the horses, I immediately set up a snipers nest and started watching. A half hour later, I spotted three men coming up. There was always the chance they were just cowboys on their way to somewhere else, but I couldn't take any chances. I had a silencer for my rifle that I had managed to hang onto from Afghanistan, so at a little over three hundred yards three men went down in rapid succession never even knowing where the shots were coming from. 

The End

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