The Hard RideMature

O'Rourke was true to his word supplying us with two horses and a pack mule he wasn't selling.

"You take care of old Ruth there, she's top notch pack animal, so don't go leaving her anywhere or getting her killed ya hear?" I convinced him we did. After he gave us all the particulars on where to go, who to trust, a couple places we could spend the night, I asked.

"Bad guys are going to know that route, what if we were to deviate on occasions to avoid any possible ambushes, would that be permissible?" He agreed that it would but regardless, we had to have that gold to his shipping agent in Sidney in five days time.

"If I don't hear from him in five days, consider yourselves dead." Jake and I shook his hand and promised that the gold would be there. O'Rourke then added,

"There's a lotta men out there gonna try and take that gold from ya, don't let that happen."

"I won't sir, but if there's that many bad guys out there, just follow out trail by the number of bodies along the way."

"Well, just make sure your not two of 'em.

O'Rourke insisted that we leave right away but I made a stop back at home to "gear up," and kiss Montana goodbye. After packing everything we thought we'd need I took Montana in my arms and promised we'd stay safe and that I would return. When Montana voiced concern for our safety, as well as pointing out the number of people out there ready to take that gold, I replied.

"You wouldn't understand, but I was trained in modern warfare as a scout sniper, we've got a tremendous edge on these "bummers" that will no doubt be after us, don't worry." After that, we hugged and kissed as I said goodbye.

The End

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