Mr. Michael O'RourkeMature

After studying us a bit more he looked me in the eye and asked,

"What's yer feelin' 'bout the Irish mister?" Without batting an eye I replied,

"The Irish are some of the best people I've ever met. I've soldiered with quite a number of them, Germans have a tendency to question you hem and haw around, but Irish guys will stand with you every time." He then turned to Jake and asked,

"That yer feelin' as well?"

"It is sir, It would be an honor to work for you sir." He studied us a bit more then said,

"All right, I'll take a chance on you boys only because I'm short of men. I've got a fair sized shipment to go out, normally I'd wait but there's other things happinin' so I've got to do it this way." His face then lost all expression as his voice lowered,

"I'm gonna sent just you two, your new, nobody knows ya, that might be yer edge. Anyhow, you cross me, steal that gold or loose it to thieves I will come after you and kill you. I have a lot of friends I hear things very quickly, know that I will find you, is that clear?"

"We understand sir," I firmly replied, "We will get that gold through, as I told you. we're looking for long term employment." O'Rourke laughed as he replied,

"There's no such thing as long term employment in this line of work, but if that's what yer seekin' I can accommodate."

"Sir," I replied, "Neither of us happen to have horses at the moment, due to some unfortunate luck, would it be possible for you to supply us with horses and take the money from our salary?" O'Rourke laughed over our situation but promised us two horses and a pack mule.  

The End

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