Guns for HireMature

Since Deadwood was off limits Lead became the place we'd have to go for supplies but for now we would make do on all the food we'd brought with us. Along with the staples, we'd purchased a lot of freeze-dried food at Cabella's, battery powered lights and such, next trip I planned to bring a small generator. Our next course of action was to rustle up some business so we could start making some money. Montana gave me a couple names of men who might have the kind of work we were looking for, unfortunately, one was in Deadwood, but the other was thankfully in Lead. Before we left Jake and I chopped firewood so the women would have wood to cook with. Jake and I also gave then a quick lesson on how to prepare canned and freeze-dried food. Since we didn't have horses yet Jake and I had to "hump" it over to Lead which wasn't a biggie but we more or less stayed off the road lest we be jumped by bad guys.

Michael O'Rourke was a tough looking Irishman who had a tiny office in the larger assay office in Lead. Eying us up and down he asked gruffly what we wanted.

"Sir," I  stated flatly, "My name is Mark Channing, and this is my partner Jake Brenner. I understand that you run gold shipments out of here over to Sidney, we would like to offer our services as security  for such work."

He looked us over again then asked,

"Are you from around here?"

"Yes, we live over in Deadwood."

"I don't know you, how do I know I can trust you, you might be setting me up."

"That's a fair question sir," I replied, "You don't but we are looking for long term employment, so all I can add is put us to the test."

The End

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