Dirty BusinessMature

I was afraid this might happen,

"If you don't mind sheriff we'd rather not," I replied,

"And why not?" he asked without raising his voice.

"Because if we do," I continued, "Your brain will suddenly be filled with questions. Questions we can answer, but again will leave you with more questions, ones that will require an incredible leap of faith. Why don't we do this sheriff, we'll promise to stay out of town, thus keeping away from Swearingen and his men. If...At some point your curiosity gets the better of you we are staying at the cabin up on the hill south of town. Oh yeah, if you come, bring old doc Cochran we've got a story for him as well, but be prepared to be astounded."

He gave me a strange look as he said,

"You boys are free to go, stay out of town. As for your offer...I'll consider it." Jake and I quickly left, scooting up the hill in record time.


do you think he'll come?" wondered Jake. Chuckling, I replied,

"Hopefully we'll be set up at Purgatory when his curiosity get's the better of him, but one day he'll come."

The women were upset when we told them about our little fracas in town, with Montana voicing her fears that Swearingen might send more thugs to kill us.

"Unfortunately I can't kill him," I explained, "He's recorded in the history books, if he was a nobody, I could, and believe me, I would." The rifle was none the worse for wear, as Jake and I spent the rest of the day cleaning, up our treasures.

The End

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