Seth BullockMature

We were so busy Jake and I hadn't noticed that half the town was now encircling us as I pointed my gun at the man on the ground. Suddenly, the ring of people partially opened allowing a determined looking man with a beard to push his way through. I knew who he was the moment I saw him. Quickly holstering my gun, I allowed sheriff Bullock  to draw down on the thug and order him up. I noticed that Jake had holstered his pistol as well, both of us weren't keen on allowing strangers to see these "amazing firearms" as the newspaper would call them.

"Who started this?" Demanded Bullock.

"They did sir," I replied, "My friend and I were walking down the street when these men shouted at us and came charging across the street at us. That man pulled a knife on me." Jake gave an account of the men who attacked him while the survivor snarled at us,

"Swearingen is going to kill you for this, better watch your backs!" The sheriff marched us all down to the jail to sort things out. After everyone gave their stories it was clear to him that Jake and I were telling the truth, so as a result he locked up Bill Moss as he was calling himself, a Swearingen thug who kept the whores in line according to Bullock. After the man had been locked up the sheriff dismissed his deputy leaving just the three of us. Bullock sat in his chair just looking us up and down for several minutes, then quietly asking,

"Where you gents from?"



"Mighty fancy shooting, two men dead in a heartbeat, mind if I have a look at that fancy pistol?" He asked Jake.  

The End

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