Welcome to DeadwoodMature

 Jake's real introduction to reality didn't occur until the both of us walked down the hill into town,

"Shouldn't we be hearing music from "The Good The Bad and the Ugly, or Once Upon a Time in the West," mused Jake, "I'm ready to do my Clint Eastwood imitation." As I was, Jake was repelled by the stink, and the mud,

"Jeezist no western could ever depict this," exclaimed Jake as we confronted Deadwood's main street, "Look at this shit," he said as he waved his hand towards the human activity taking place before us. We began strolling up the boardwalk until Jake spotted a gun shop,

"Hey let's check this out, they might have something interesting." I only had roughly forty dollars in gold and silver coins taken off the men who were after Melonie but Jake insisted the gunsmith's in town might have some interesting collectables we can get big buck for back home. I liked his logic so we went in. The man had mostly Winchester model 73's a couple Spencer's I really liked, but he wanted to much money. Jake immediately spotted a pistol he liked. It turned out to be an 1860 Colt revolver but this one had a shoulder stock.  It was in excellent shape and the guy only wanted fifteen dollars for it. I wanted to chat a little bit but the gunsmith was all business, and he wasn't interested in chitchatting. I bought the gun along with an 1873 Springfield trapdoor carbine that looked almost new. As we left the shop Jake said don't forget Mark, we're knocking off a hundred and thirty-eight years of wear and tear these guns will bring primo dollars at auction." he was right, these guns would be money in the bank for us. As we were walking down the street, I suddenly noticed one man pointing at me as he and his two buddies came charging at us from across the street.


The End

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