Gearing upMature

I decided early on that I wouldn't take the women anywhere in my truck just yet, not until they were more acclimated to the immediate area. The four of us walked around the neighborhood a couple of times so our ladies could catch just a glimpse of modern life. They watched cars move down the streets people walking around, what modern homes looked like, for now they were satisfied with just doing this. Therefore Jake and I didn't take them with us when we went shopping . Wal-Mart, Cabella's, a drug store, and Lowe's equaled a lot of money spent, but we looked at it as seed money. When we returned home Melonie was absorbed in a book about the Custer massacre, Montana was watching a program about Alaska on TV.

"Is it true there's gold up in this Alaska?" Both Jake and I laughed,

"Oh hell yes," I replied, more than in the Black Hills. It also has oil which will be called "black gold" it's more valuable than real gold, but it's time hasn't come yet."

Jake and I placed everything we bought along with our clothes, food, beer and whisky medical supplies, along with a laptop. When we were finished, there was barely enough room for the four of us, but the next morning all of us crowded into the "wayback" machine as Jake started calling it. The trip went without a hitch, Jake simply couldn't believe we were over a hundred and thirty-eight years into the past, but a trip outside blew his mind.

It took him a little while to calm down, but eventually he began to see clearly and understand what living here in the past really meant.

"We've really got the advantage bro," opined Jake, "We know how the story ends, we know the players, we have the edge."

The End

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