Have Gun, Will TravelMature

"So what," asked Jake, "Becoming hired guns?"

"Not you," I replied, "Me, you'll be staffing that clinic and working with Melonie there, I figure the skills the marines taught me, and experience in the 'Stan, will put me on top of anything I might encounter where we're going, especially when you factor in the hardware I'll be using. By the way, what did you bring to the party?" Jake smiled,

"Remember that AK I found in the rubble of that house?"

He opened up the gun cases and showed me the "toys" he had brought.

"Ladies," I announced, "You may or may not be familiar with the weapons of 1876, things like Winchester lever action rifles, model 73 Colt Pistols, 45.70 Government Trapdoor Springfields, and whatever shotguns might tend to be around. Just as things like transportation, and photography have made great strides so have weapons, take a look at this lineup."

Besides my .45 auto, I brought an M1A Springfield with an ACOG sight, along with a Benelli M4 auto shotgun. Jake had brought a fully automatic AK47 he had found when we were in Afghanistan, that he somehow managed to get past security, along with four hand grenades. He also had a Colt M4 AR as well as a Springfield 9mm automatic pistol that looked just like my .45 auto.

"What were you planning on doing with those grenades?" I asked. Jake shrugged,

"I had 'em in my stuff, somebody gave them to me, so I kept them, good thing I did, wasn't it?" Both of us explained the advances in weaponry, as well as propellants and that black powder was no longer used.

"Before we go, I think a trip to WalMart is in order, as well as Cabella's, we've got some outfitting to do."  

The End

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