Let's Do This ThingMature

I explained to the ladies that the value of certain guns were in the thousands of dollars range, as well as certain Indian artifacts, certain books, things like that. This is where Jake and I would make our money, but since what we would take in would far outweigh the kind of money they would receive, a certain amount of our "take" would be set aside for anything the women might want or need that could only be purchased here in the future.

"We want to be totally fair about this," I explained, "Montana, I'm naturally assuming that anything you clear off gambling, cards and your "girls" is all yours, Melonie, all fees charged at the clinic are yours, as well as a certain percentage from the store. Once things get going, we can re-visit this and decide then how to divvy things up. So basically we'll start with three business's some tent cabins for us to live in and go from there...What say you all?"

Montana was all for it, Melonie liked the idea of the clinic, as well as a chance to learn medical skills. Jake liked it too'

"I think I might be able to save a few lives, as well as teaching someone the techniques of modern medicine, definitely count me in, but how are we going to get money to build this town?"

"Simple," I replied, "By offering to safeguard gold shipments, as well as other security type work."

The End

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