By now both women were relaxed over the situation, however Montana asked me when we would be returning to their time.

"Just as soon as we settle on a plan and stock up on supplies," I explained. So the breakfast table became a planning table as I laid out the idea that had been cooking in my brain ever since I stepped foot in 1876.

"So here's my idea everyone. I was thinking about building a saloon and clinic possibly in the vicinity of Cheyenne Crossing, that way we get passenger traffic from the coaches coming through. The saloon will naturally serve booze but not this busthead shit a lot of the saloons serve, we'll buy a lot of our best stuff right here in 2014. We'll also serve food, nothing fancy, stews, chili, you know, stuff we can make up in a pot. Now that your here Jake, you and Mel can run a small clinic. When your not teaching Melonie, you can be treating patients. Montana, you said something about having "girls" at the saloon, they'll have the advantage of being treated and checked by Jake and Melonie, modern medicine has come a long way, they'll be clean and healthy. I'd also like to have what we call now, a "convenience" store selling guns, ammo, trail supplies, and certain prospecting equipment. It will be through this store that we'll take in not only gold, but also gold and silver coins, as well as barter. Montana, Melonie, this is where you'll make money, in the gold and gold coins, Jake and I will make our money in the barter we take in."

Both women looked puzzled, finally Montana asked,

"How can you make money on barter as well as all the old crap that you'd bring in?"

"Simple," I replied,

"All that old stuff is worth a fortune right now, let me give you a few examples."

The End

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