I'm InMature

"So what's this thing you've got going that I drove all the way from Virginia, talk to me guy."

"It's all about this Jake, check it out." I took him over to the security door, opened it and pointed to the time machine.

"It's all about this Jake...A time machine, and before you laugh, it really works those two ladies over there are living proof." Jake stood there and just stared at me.

"I hope like hell you didn't have me drive all this way for a fucking joke bro, 'cause it ain't funny." Shaking my head, I put my hand on his shoulder,

"It's the god's honest truth buddy, let's sit down, all will be explained." And so for the next hour Jake listened to an incredible tale, at the end of it he just looked at Melonie and Montana and said,

"Well...You ladies have certainly aged well...All right Mark, count me in, hell, if nothing else than to teach this young woman something about modern medicine." Then turning to Melonie he said,

"One thing your going to have to do is literally forget everything you know, or thought you knew about medicine, it's all wrong. After a time, you'll see what I mean. Accept the fact that I have close to a hundred and forty years of medical knowledge on you, and we'll make progress."

We let the women have the bedrooms while Jake and I staked out the loft, as we were getting ready to crash Jake asked me,

"Say uh bud, you partial to any of the ladies in particular?" Snickering, I  said,

"Well... I had kind of liked Montana, we seem to have sort of hit it off, why?"

"Well that's great, I'd like to try my luck with that Melonie chick, and the fact that she wants to be a doctor, gives me a real shot."

"Go for it Jake," I chuckled.


The End

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