Shock Of the NewMature

While we waited fro Jake to arrive Montana and Melonie experienced McDonalds, Pizza, Coca-Cola, and Mountain Dew. They also got a glimpse of my "horseless carriage," or rather my Ford F150.

As far adult beverages went Melonie seemed to like Bacardi and coke, while Montana preferred Jack Daniels over ice. Both enjoyed Coca-Cola, but Melonie preferred Mountain Dew. The jury was still out on Pizza, but McDonalds and the concept of hamburgers, along with eating food with your hands was something of a novelty. By the end of the week they were comfortable with modern conveniences, weren't sure yet about riding in my truck, but I wasn't pushing them. Finally around nine o'clock at night I saw headlights turning into the drive, Jake was here. I went out to greet him and help him bring his gear in.

"Jake, you're looking great bud, c'mon in!" He had his duffle bag, a couple gun cases, an extra large aid bag, and camera equipment. So it was that two buddies came through the front door grunting carrying more gear that a couple of pack horses. Dumping  everything on the living room floor, Jake spotted the women and stood back,

"Whoa! who's this...Ladies!"

"Jake, this is Montana Drake, and this is Melonie Bishop. Ladies, this is my best friend Jake Brenner." Jake smiled, and tipped his hat,

"Ladies, what's happening?" I then told the women,

"Jake and I served together in Afghanistan, he served in the navy as a medical corpsman I was in the marines. Marines don't have their own medics."

"Jake, Melonie here told me she has always been interested in becoming a doctor, I told her that you might be able to teach her a few things towards that goal."

Jake chuckled,

"Absolutely, Melonie They gave me the navy cross for valor in the face of the enemy, dragging wounded guys out of harms way, so you'll have a whole lot of experience helping you out."

The End

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