The PartnershipMature

"Oh, by the way," she continued, my real name is Abigail, but don't ever call me that, you hear?" Both Melonie and I promised not to call her by that name. It was then I addressed them both.

"What would you two say to the idea of building our own town, possibly south of Deadwood, it can't be too far, because of the situation with the time machine. My first thought was a saloon and a clinic, or a small mercantile down by Cheyenne Crossing, but not necessarily there. Montana, I'd put you in charge of the place, Melonie, maybe you could operate the store. You said something about wanting to become a doctor, When Jake gets here he might be willing to teach you what he knows. He was a navy corpsman which is a medic, the medical knowledge in that head of his is astounding, his father is a noted heart specialist back east, the things he could teach you would put you miles ahead of any of the country quacks around here passing for doctors. Here in 2014 there are thousands of female doctors, so you'd be in good company. anyway, that's my plan, it's a little rough right now, but between the four of us, I think we can hash something out."

Both thought about it, then agreed to give it a go, with Montana stating,

"If I am to run a saloon, it means that I will have to hire a couple "girl's,"  any objections?"

"Are you going to recruit women like Swearingen does," asked Melonie.

"No," replied, Montana, only those I know and are already in the "game."

"Then I have no objections," replied Melonie.

"Well ladies, it looks like we have a plan," I said.   

The End

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