Montana, Part IIMature

I asked her what happened  after that,

"I was sixteen and starting to get wild, mother and I were increasingly at odds, I resented all the chores and things she made me do, especially the garden, I hated it, weeding digging, hours on end, sometimes I felt like a damn slave. Finally I had had enough. I was sixteen, he was twenty, an itinerant blacksmith. Ezra Drake was his name, born with a silver tongue. He sweet talked me into running away with him. At the time it seemed like a pretty good offer, We left out of St. Joe one morning and I ain't never looked back. We got married in Cozad Nebraska, of course by then he'd already slept with me, but things were good, so we set up shop in town, but there was already a couple fellows smithing so then it was on to Julesburg. We were there a little over two years, then it was on to Cheyenne. Things were pretty good there, so we settled down, before long I was in a family way, but it wasn't to be. I gave birth to a little boy, but he took ill and died. Doctor said I couldn't have any more children, Ezra just sort of lost his way after that, started drinking, blaming me, then one day he got kicked by a horse, killed him just like that. Of course we had nothing, lost the house, I took stock of my situation, a widow, no prospects, all that seemed to come my way were drunken louts or bummers. so I swallowed my pride, sold the rest of Ezra's tools and bought a ticket on the stage, ended up here. You know the rest, ended up working for Swearingen." With a sigh, she added,

"I am what I am, if you can do better for me, I'd be most grateful, if not, well that's fine too."

The End

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