I ended up giving a presentation that went way long, too long, but I think I might have opened a couple nineteenth century minds to the fact that there might be things in this world you cannot see or feel, that photography hasn't stopped with tin types or daguerreotypes.

I think I've managed to convince them to accept things they can't understand, there are a lot of things in my world I can't understand, I see them, I know something exists, but it's beyond my comprehension. I also spent some time getting to know them better, we just sat and talked. Melonie had already told me she was from Niles Michigan, I told her Niles is a fairly large town now and that it's outskirts run clear to the state line joining with South Bend. Her father owned a drug store her uncle was a doctor, something she would have loved to be, but women were discouraged from entering that field. I found her to be very intelligent, witty, but a little on the naïve side falling for an ad in the newspaper like she did. I then asked her what she planned to do now,

"I'm not sure, teach school perhaps, I'm out here, it's beautiful country, I think I'd like to stay for the time being. I told her I had an idea cooking in my brain but I was waiting for Jake to arrive before going ahead with it. 

"Melonie, I'll try and help you all I can, your smart, in today's world women are doing everything there are no barriers to the things they want to do, think about what you want to do, and I help you." Montana was a woman entirely different, something was drawing me to her, something about her simply fascinated me and I wanted to find out what it was.

The End

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