Settling InMature

Clearly both women were very distraught, everything they had believed in had suddenly been turned upside down, they sat on the couch nervously looking around signs of fear in their eyes.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Melonie, he voice filled with fear. I smiled,

"Why nothing, your not my prisoners, I just wanted to prove to you I wasn't lying to you, and that I am who I say I am."

"I think we believe you," announced Montana, "what is next?"

"That depends, I replied, if you want to continue seeing what the future holds we can do that, if you want to return to your time we can do that too, but I need to call a friend of mine first."

"I suppose it wouldn't hurt to stay here a little longer," confessed Melonie.

"Great," I replied, now let me show you ladies the marvels of modern plumbing."

I showed them the bathroom, how the toilet works and the shower. I had to do it with decorum since it was a subject polite society didn't talk about, however Montana didn't seem to have any problems talking about it.  Unlike other things they were shown, the concept of indoor plumbing, running water, and the shower grabbed them right away.

Slowly, carefully, Melonie and Montana were introduced to the twenty-first century, each in her own way, began to settle in accepting the fact that indeed, they were here in 2014.

I placed a call to my close friend Jake Brenner  who was a navy corpsman attached to my unit in  Afghanistan, Jake and I got out two months apart, He told me at the time that if I fell into anything interesting to give him a call, I certainly thought this fell into that category.

"Hey Jake...Got something here you might be interested in." 

The End

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