Strange New WorldMature

Montana looked at me saying,

"Is that it, what happened?"

"That's it ladies, we're here, look around, things look a little different, don't they, take a look at those lights, they weren't  there before." Both women stared at the spot lights, with Melonie asking,

"What makes them glow like that, they don't look like oil lamps to me."

"That ladies," I announced, "Is the future." I then gave them a quickie course in electric lights, but it didn't quite sink in." Opening the security door, we entered the back of the large living room. I could already see looks of confusion from the two, as they looked around the room.

"Where are we?" asked Montana,

"Well," I replied, "Your in the same place we left in, the cabin has just changed, I think it's in it's third life. If your still not sure, step outside, but carefully study the landscape, there are more houses, and the trees have changed, but believe me, we're still in Deadwood."

Both women wanted to see for themselves, so I directed them to the door. Stepping outside, they spent considerable time looking around. I knew there wasn't a whole lot they would be able to see that would suggest things really had changed until a small plane flew overhead. Melonie spotted it first, pointing towards the sky

"Oh look, look up there," she said, pointing towards the small plane, "What is it?"

"That is an airplane, Melonie, man learned how to fly way back in 1903, we've been doing it ever since, believe it or not, there are even bigger flying contraptions than that, but it's enough to know that for now." It was then that two thoroughly mystified women from 1876 sat in by house.  

The End

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