Leap of FaithMature

I showed them the machine in the mine tunnel explaining to  then how it worked, but unfortunately it was way above their comprehension level.

"That's all I can tell you ladies," I said, "I don't understand it either, it works, I came here, that's all I can tell you, other than a very brilliant man built this thing, sometimes you have to make a real leap of faith. The only way you're going to be absolutely convinced is to return with me to the future, are you up to the challenge? History records you people as rugged and fearless, I took a chance to step into that chamber and come here, are you two equally as brave?" Both women looked at me, then at each other, I could see those brain cells working, finally each said,

"Very well," replied Montana, "I'm game."

"I suppose," came Melonie, "My curiosity always seems to get the better of me."

"Outstanding ladies, let us all step into the chamber, and we'll be off."

Without delay I got them into the chamber, and powered up. From this end, there was a battery set-up, re-charged through a windmill the professor had set up near the cabin. The power was back up, and we were ready to go.

I reversed the return date two days after I left, everything was reading correctly, so I initiated the launch sequence.

The chamber hummed, the air became close, I assured the ladies everything was normal, calmed their fears, and roughly five minutes later, we were home. 

"We're here ladies," I said, "Give  me a moment to reset everything and we can step out."

When I was sure the machine's readings were back to neutral I opened the door,

"Welcome to the year 2014, and the state of South Dakota ladies."

The End

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