Situation AssessmentMature

As more and more people crowded towards the Gem, Montana and I quickly made our way down the street, soon we were heading up the hill towards the cabin.

"Whew!" gasped Montana, I'm not used to this sort of climbing, how far do we have to go?"

"Just to the top of the hill," I replied. As we trudged along, she said,

"Thanks for getting me out of there, I couldn't believe the way those men went down, you must be an incredible draw."

"I didn't draw ma'am, my pistol just shoots that fast, but I'll be glad to answer all your questions when we get home." Finally back at the cabin, we settled down for some serious discussion. Montana studied Melonie for a moment, then observed,

"Your very lucky miss, Swearingen usually doesn't let his women get away, and you are certainly not the first one to fall for his little scheme, something he calls "catching mice."

Melonie thanked me for getting her bag back, but as we sat at the table, Montana asked me.

"Just who are you mister, you say you knew that man who promised to help me, something doesn't sound right here, let's have it." I studied both of then for a moment, then shrugged.

"All right but you'll think I'm crazy. The man that was trying to help you was a professor Mellman, my mother worked for him a long time. The professor built a time machine, it's back there behind that security door. I come from the year 2014, the machine travels only to the years 1876 and 1944, that, because that's the year he was born, or something like that. Anyway, the machine actually works, I'll swear on a stack of bibles, every word I've said is true." Montana appeared skeptical as she looked at Melonie,

"That's what he told me as well," she said.

The End

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