The Quick and the DeadMature

I had a feeling they would try something, so I was ready. Trying to draw with single action revolvers was no match for a semi auto. Before they even knew it both were dead three shots each. I shoved Swearingen to the floor, driving my boot as hard as I could into his face. Quickly reloading I pointed at the crowd.

"Everyone, nice and easy, Montana hurry up!"

One of Swearingen's men tossed a carpet bag forward, I slowly reached out while still covering the crowd, and picked up the bag. Montana came forward with her things, standing next to me we carefully backed our way out of the saloon. A crowd had started to gather but I shouted,

"Swearingen's giving away free drinks, everything is on the house!" The crowd then surged into the bar as we made our escape.

The End

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