Fast and DeadlyMature

Without warning, I pulled my .45 and pistol whipped two of his men then drew the slide back and shoved the barrel under Swearingen's neck.

"Anyone makes a move dickhead here gets it, you...You, back off, sit down at that table, I will kill this man. Now! chill. Slowly his men did as I asked, there were still three of them...Fairly decent odds, but I had a long way to go yet.

"Now fuckface, I believe you have a young lady's personnel belongings, as well as holding the woman named Montana against her will?" Swearingen tried to twist out of my grip, but I only pulled him tighter. He tried to speak, but I cut him off.

"This is Von Clausewitz shit," I shouted, "Total fucking war. I'm going to pull the whole fucking thing down. I'm gonna bring the whole fuckin' diseased, corrupt temple down on your head, it's gonna be biblical." Nobody moved, my voice could really command respect. This time I let Swearingen speak.

"Charlie, get the bitch's bag, nobody stop Montana, let her go, mister, you're playing with fucking fire here, I'll come after you." Whispering in his ear, I replied,

"No you won't friend, because if you do I'll nail you. I'm a trained sniper, I can sit on that hill out there and pick you off. You'll never know when it will come. Crossing the street, standing out on your porch. Shit, you won't even hear the shot." Rubbing the top of his bald head, I added,

"The whole top of your head will come off, before you even know it. You've never dealt with anyone like me before, I'm hell with the lid off." He made a brief nod of his head indicating he would comply. I slowly released my grip at that moment, two of his men started to move.

The End

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