Making it HappenMature

EA Swearingen looked so much different than in the old picture I'd seen of him. He was standing at the bar along with a group of his thugs. Thinking it might be best to do a little recon work first, I spotted a table with an attractive woman sitting at it. As I approached, something, told me that this might be the woman the professor had asked me to find. She glared at me as I prepared to sit.

"Seat's taken cowboy," she snarled.

"Are you by any chance Montana?" I asked

"What the fuck is it to you, get out of here, I don't need you right now."

"Mr. Green asked me to find you, He's dead now, but I'm here in his place." She started to dismiss me but suddenly stopped and gave me a long look.

"Dead eh, sit down, what else did he tell you?"

"Basically your description and that he was trying to help you." She sat there taking a sip of her drink as she thought.

"Look, if Swearingen is holding you here against your will, I can do something," I explained. "I came here to retrieve a woman bags, a woman he tried to force into prostitution I need to size up the opposition." She pointed out all of Swearingen's men before saying,

"He claims I owe him money as well, I don't, I want out of this craphole, think your man enough to get me out of here?" Smiling, I stared into her eyes,

"Lady, you go get your stuff and be ready to go, this won't take long." She got up from the table and started for the rear of the saloon as I slowly walked towards Swearingen and his men.


The End

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