I inspected my handiwork finding both men shot in the midsection, going through their pockets I came up with roughly thirty dollars in gold and silver coins, a pocket knife, and a pouch of tobacco. One of the men wasn't shot up too badly so I dragged him over to the edge of the hill and striped him of his clothes before rolling him off into the brush and rocks below. Returning to the other man I dragged him over to where I had dumped the first man and did the same, feeling no remorse for them. Back at the cabin, I told Melonie.

"Ma'am, your welcome to stay here until we sort this thing out, I won't harm you, your welcome to use that room there, I will never enter it without your permission, now let's talk."

She told me her story I was surprised when she said she was from Niles Michigan,

"Outstanding," I remarked, "I'm from Kalamazoo, I've been through Niles many a time." However when I told her that people from South Bend would come there on Sunday to drink because of Indiana's liquor laws, she looked at me with confusion.

"I'm afraid all my things are still back at Swearingen's, what shall I do?"

"Don't worry ma'am," I replied, I'll get them back." There wasn't much in the way of food in the cabin other than the coffee and a tin of hardtack so I shared one of the MRE's I had brought with me. She thought the food unusual for coming from what she thought were metal pouches but pushed it no further. Finally the big question came.

"I'm curious, sir, where exactly did you come from, I didn't hear you come through the front door, and that large door in the back is locked."

The End

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