The Ugly TruthMature

I was able to get Melonie to tell me her story something I had also read of. Swearingen would advertise for young women to come west and work for him as hotel help or in some cases dance hall singers. The plain ugly truth was these young women looking for adventure and to escape a life3 of drudgery at home ended up working as whores in his "hotel." I built a fire in the stove after finding a large can of coffee in the kitchen it wasn't long before I had a nice pot boiling. We didn't say much at first, she finding my clothes very unusual. I made no comment as we waited for the coffee to boil. Looking out the window I saw two men coming up the hill obviously looking for someone. Calling Melonie to take a look, I asked her if those were the men.

"Oh my God! yes, oh what can we do?"

"Are those Swearingen's men," I asked

"Yes, please don't let them take me back!"

"Relax, I have no intention, just stay calm." The knock came on the door moments later, since the door opened inward, I firmly place my boot near the door so they couldn't burst in. Carefully opening the door just a crack, I asked,

"What do you want?"

"We're looking for a woman who has business with Mr. Swearingen.'

"Ya are huh, well tell that fat fuck he can't have her, and if you two try and take her I'll leave both of you lying face down in the dirt, get the hell out of here!" I tried closing the door but both of them started pushing so I pulled my .45 cocked it on my holster and fired through the widening crack in the door. It was over in seconds, as two men lay dead out side the cabin.

The End

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