Meeting the PastMature

A few minutes later the woman woke with a start, seeing me standing there caused her to try and scoot off the bed until I grabbed her arm and ordered her to calm down.

"Slow down there miss, I'm not going to hurt you...What's your name?" The woman stiffened up and looked me over a very puzzled look on her face.

"My name is Melonie Bishop,

"Do you live here?"

"N-n-no-o, I'm hiding, if this is your house I'll leave."

"Just calm down, I'm not going to hurt you, this is my place but you say your hiding...Hiding from who?"

"Some men are trying to return me to Swearingen claiming I owe him travel expenses, I would rather die than go back there, could you please help me?" Having read up on the history of old Deadwood, I knew EA Swearingen was the owner of the Gem dance hall, saloon and whore house.

"Why are you involved with him," I asked.

"I was foolish enough to fall for an advertisement he posted in a Chicago newspaper offering to hire young women to come out here and work at his hotel. When I arrived here it turns out he wants me to work as a dance hall girl as well as a prostitute. I managed to escape and ended up here, entering through a window I thought to hide here."

The End

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